Let Me Introduce You to Ms. Grace

She arrives at my door this morning, looking much like Mary Poppins, only somewhat older and wearing a navy pant suit with floral shirt. She has a small kerchief tied stylishly at her neck and holds a stylish carpet bag in hand. “Hello my dear. My name is Ms. Grace. I heard you called?” SheContinue reading “Let Me Introduce You to Ms. Grace”

“The Rosemary Chronicles” Epilogue

Note to Readers: I wanted to offer a nice conclusion to our story with Rosemary and also leave a little door open for a sequel featuring a few of the new characters shown here. Enjoy! (here’s the original link to “The Rosemary Chronicles” full story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12658012/1/The-Rosemary-Chronicles ) 6 Months Later  December 24  Rosemary held herContinue reading ““The Rosemary Chronicles” Epilogue”

To all my “Rosemary Chronicles” Readers

Dear Readers,  Can I tell you something? You are my muse, my inspiration. I never imagined when I started “The Rosemary Chronicles” that the story would grow this big, last this long, or reach this many readers. I feel very humbled and blessed that it has meant something to someone.   To be honest with you,Continue reading “To all my “Rosemary Chronicles” Readers”