God’s Great & Glorious Plan

It’s the arrival of spring! And with it comes the hope for warmer temperatures, sunshine, and less snow (am I right?). I don’t know about you, but something about the spring season inspires me to make a plan. Perhaps it is a plan for a garden, an upcoming celebration, spring break plans or a simple change of schedule at work. What kinds of plans are you making?

As we enter spring and start to make our plans, let us also remember that God has a specific season and plan ready for each one of us! What specific assignment has He given you for this time and place? You may find yourself in a season of growing your marriage or family God’s way, advancing your career, ministering to grandkids or even a season of patience and waiting. How can you seize and use the time that God has given you in the present?

One example from our Bible of a woman who seized her God-given moment was Esther. Her cooperation with God’s plan and being willing to stand up and seize her God-given purpose helped save a whole nation! It’s even remembered and celebrated to this day as Purim. When faced with the decision to stand for the Jews or not, her cousin, Mordecai, encouraged her: “You have come to this position for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). She believed it and acted on it, and God’s people were preserved from harm. Do you know the same is true for us? We “have come to this position for such a time as this”. It isn’t an accident that we are in this season, this moment. Each of us are a necessary part of God’s plan to accomplish His purposes. The opportunity is here.

Perhaps we may be tempted to say, “My current season doesn’t feel like it has that much significance”. Oh but friend, it does! God gave us just enough moments to live out the plan He has for us. “For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose” (Philippians 2:13). And His promise is that He will send us His spirit to be there right alongside us, equipping us all the way (John 14:16-17).

If you don’t yet know the assignment He has for you for this time and place I’d encourage you to spend time with Him. Ask him. Read His Word, listen to His voice, come to church and fellowship with other believers. God will reveal the plan and purpose He has for you now! There is no time to waste. Just like Esther let’s seize the opportunity to step up, link up with the Holy Spirit, and fill the assignment God has placed before each of us.

Be encouraged! You are apart of His plan here on earth- a great and glorious plan!

My blessing for you this week: May you be encouraged in the season and moment you find yourself in. May you listen to the Holy Spirit’s soft whisper to you this week and may you be open to following the Holy Spirit’s nudge. I pray that your eyes are opened by the Holy Spirit and that you are able recognize your part in God’s plans and purposes right here, right now! His plans are great & glorious and you have vital part to play. May you have the courage to step up and seize the moment He has placed before you knowing that it is His Spirit that fills you & enables you.

Until next time,

P.S. One of our plans this spring was to make a new memory with our family at Mount Rushmore! We had never been before. A six hour drive later, here are some of our family pictures:

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