Welcome to my blog

Hello there! I have created this blog with the intention of it being a spot I can share my heart with you through my various writings each week.

So settle in, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and read on…

Slow & Sweet Savor

It’s like my heart said, “Psst! These are the moments of our lives. Don’t miss out!”  The feeling of peace, no hurry, no rush, fell over me and I realized, “Yes, what is life worth living if not for these moments?” It makes me want to live with that purpose each day to SAVOR.

Peach Promises

Maybe a peach tree has more to do with life than originally thought. The prime peach we wait for still clings to the branch, not ready for harvest. But a handful of other ones– they are ready for the harvest and even fall to the ground. Life is definitely similar…

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