Keeping Pace with the Holy Spirit

This “keeping pace with the Holy Spirit” more than likely will be a bit more slow, gentle, and restful than you first thought. It may be less of “hurry up, go go go” and more of a
“rest, recharge, soak”.
If we are to continue on this journey that eventually leads us to our eternal home we got to “keep pace” with the Holy Spirit and His gentle way.

Living the Gentle Life

How do you cope when burned out? Withdraw? Control? Anger? Anxiety?
At times of burnout I become “Sargent Melanie” and it is not very pleasant. Regardless of how we cope, one thing we have the same as children of God is: gentleness is truly at the root of who we are. Whether it is buried under a deep forest of problems, or thorny briar situations—We have this character, the gentleness of our God, ingrained in each one of us. He wants us to follow after His example and learn how to live the gentle life.

His Faithful Promise

Just like planting seeds to start a garden, the promise is true. What we plant is what we will reap. My husband knows this principle well as it applies to the garden. In previous years when preparing for a garden, he does not simply plant a small variety of seeds, no he plants expecting a huge harvest! Partly he realizes that only a certain amount of seeds will make it to be a large plant, but he also realizes the promise in the Bible of sowing and reaping. 

Strength in Surrender

When we come to the place that we realize we are not able to fix a situation, a person, in our own might, it is humbling and also can be very helpless feeling and anxious producing. But friend, we have the ultimate strength of God on our side when we surrender in prayer.

The Precious Blood of Christ

We have an enemy who would love to render us ineffective, powerless, distracted. No! We will not stand by and be stolen from. We are to apply, even plead, this blood of the Lamb over our lives in His authority (Matthew 28:18-20). We are to proclaim it no matter what storm rages in our lives. We must know and believe deep down, without a doubt, that God’s protection is there for us, whether we feel it or not. 

He Goes Before

We must remember, He Goes Before Us. He’s the Leader. When we focus on this truth, all the heaviness we have been carrying shifts away. All the “leading” and planning, and organizing, and failing… it all falls to the side. We are reminded of HIS GREATNESS. His Lordship. His plan. His purpose.

My God, Savior, King & Friend

Let’s be like the shepherds, who left all they had and relentlessly ran to meet the newborn King. Let’s be like the kings, who left home and comfort to search for the new King. Nothing mattered more to them. Let’s ask God to reveal the depth of what Jesus is to us. Jesus is the gift that we so desperately need! It’s the perfect time to fully accept Him as God, Savior, King and Friend.