22 Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2022

1. By far, one of my most exciting things I am looking forward to in 2022 is opening my Bible every day! Here’s the reading plan I am following this year https://shereadstruth.com . Just 15 days in this has already been such a blessing! I’m excited to see what the year holds as I read my Bible each day. Hope you will join me in reading your Bible each day the next year.

2. Enjoying a new space. My husband is in the midst of putting an addition on the back of the house. Here’s where we are at for now:

3. Taking more walks around this beautiful lake I enjoy every season. Isn’t that a beautiful view?

 4.  My oldest & driver’s ed! 😲😲😲

5. Probably way too many coffees and Chai teas consumed! 😆  I have a local coffee shop that’s known to feed my addiction. It’s the perfect place to read, write, and enjoy coffee! 

6. Celebrating 19 years of marriage with my husband. Then & now pictures. I’m amazed at how the years go by!

7. I’m excited to get to my TBR (To Be Read) bookstack. Here’s a link to my goodreads account https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/74295832-melanie-talevski Check it out to see what books I read in 2021 and what books I want to read this next year. 😊

8. Baseball. You know I love it! And how blessed am I that I have kids who love baseball almost if not more than their mama? Plenty of MLB radio listening in my future & attending my kids’ live games. Love it! 

9. Church Events and Functions. The gathering of community together and sharing joy with each other as we gather in Jesus’s name— It’s the best!

10.  Family vacation in whatever form that takes: Arizona for spring training?  A trip out to the beach? A family gathering at Estes Park? Whatever it ends up being I know we will enjoy time away from the daily grind & time together as a family out in God’s beautiful creation!

11. Continuing to see my children grow and change in their own ways. I have a daughter who is super into guitar and is even planning to play with the church worship team this next year. I have a son who is an inventor and creator like his father. Who knows what inventions they will come up with? But I do know they will genius! And our youngest who is coming into her own and like her mama often has her nose stuck in a book. 

 12. Celebrating birthdays with family and friends! What greater occasion is there than getting together and enjoying celebrating someone’s life? (And, I may have the big 4-0 coming up…) 

13. Health goals. Nourishing. Listening. 

14. Getting away on a Writing Retreat. Not sure which one yet, but I’m open to whatever comes up whatever path the Holy Spirit maybe nudging me towards. Here’s pictures from years before:

15. Being fully alive, and embracing whatever this next year brings. Just like I’ve learned how to bundle up and walk in the cold over the winter time— to embrace the present moment, even if my nose and feet are cold— So I endeavor to embrace whatever comes up in 2022. It’s called FLEXIBILITY and I am not that good at it, still practicing… 

16. Hot chocolate and board games with the family. This has been our go-to for this winter so far and keeps us busy and joyful during the dark evenings. (Here’s the link to my latest blog where I mentioned some of our favorite games: https://melanietalevski.com/2022/01/01/plan-be/ )  

17. Creativity. If you were to peek into our home, you’d see at least one of these things unfolding before your eyes in my little home: strumming on a guitar (or ukulele) sketching, creating on the circuit machine, paintings, building inventions, writing.  There’s a lot of creativity going on at the Talevski household. And I love every minute of it! Here’s to even more in 2022. 

18. Continuing to spread God’s encouraging word to others in whatever shape and form God leads me in. ❤️ Here’s my writer profiles where you can follow this process.



19.  Deepening my walk with the Lord. Letting my roots grow down deep into Him (Colossians 2:7) Also, learning to trust Him, to have Him as my bedrock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2ld1wI2hT8

20. More laughter! I want to learn how to take more moments for full out belly laughs, embracing the silliness of certain situations, and not be so “focused” I miss out on the humor in each day, in whatever form that takes: whether it’s silly AFV clips, talks with a cross-country friend, being with my sister (she’s always adding joy and humor to my day ever since were were little!) or laughing with my kids (kids are just walking comedians at times, aren’t they? 😉). Yes to more joy in 2022! 

21. One of my favorite things are these epsom salts (https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Teals-Soaking-Solution-Lavender/dp/B00LW1KAYC/ref=sr_1_4?crid=Z5178RIY5LHV&keywords=dr+teals+lavendar&qid=1642275439&sprefix=dr+teals+lavendar%2Caps%2C134&sr=8-4) and a quick soak at the end of the night in the bathtub: just a moment to be present and to slow down before hopping in bed. Looking forward to many soaks in 2022. It’s the little things, right? 

22. And saving one of the best for last, I am looking forward to following God’s presence and His teaching in my life and writing it down to share here on my blog posts. I love being able to share with you here! I always pray that these blog posts would touch your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit. So stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way!


May you find hope in His presence this new year and all the exciting things to come. May you find a strength filling you, surrounding you— the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ. May you find courage provided by His presence alone for this year of 2022. I pray you’d find hidden pockets of grace, surprises in His presence, and abundance that comes in trusting the Father. May you be blessed in every way in 2022. 

Until next time, 

PS. Your turn: Make a list of your own 22 things you are looking forward to this next year. I’d love to hear about it. 

2 thoughts on “22 Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2022

  1. Beautiful post and great goals. ^_^ I hope and pray they all come true for you in the best possible ways. Also, couldn’t help but notice we’re the same age. 🙂 I have turned 40 this year too.


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