Let Me Introduce You to Ms. Grace

She arrives at my door this morning, looking much like Mary Poppins, only somewhat older and wearing a navy pant suit with floral shirt. She has a small kerchief tied stylishly at her neck and holds a stylish carpet bag in hand. “Hello my dear. My name is Ms. Grace. I heard you called?” SheContinue reading “Let Me Introduce You to Ms. Grace”

“The Rosemary Chronicles” Epilogue

Note to Readers: I wanted to offer a nice conclusion to our story with Rosemary and also leave a little door open for a sequel featuring a few of the new characters shown here. Enjoy! 6 Months Later  December 24  Rosemary held her breath as the coach pulled into town and approached the stage, snowContinue reading ““The Rosemary Chronicles” Epilogue”

To all my “Rosemary Chronicles” Readers

Dear Readers,  Can I tell you something? You are my muse, my inspiration. I never imagined when I started “The Rosemary Chronicles” that the story would grow this big, last this long, or reach this many readers. I feel very humbled and blessed that it has meant something to someone.   To be honest with you,Continue reading “To all my “Rosemary Chronicles” Readers”