My Top 3 Favorite Fiction Reads of 2020

There is nothing like snuggling up with a good book next to the Christmas tree, warm drink in hand, fire crackling in the hearth. Whether you are looking for a good read for yourself or an inspirational idea for a book to gift, you have come to the right place. I want to share my top three favorite fiction reads of 2020 with you…

Sprinkles of Tradition

It all started with a simple question I asked my husband: What would be a fun way to celebrate his birthday this year?
“Maznik, Zelnik,” his answer was instantaneous.
I repeated the words quietly… I’d heard them before… oh yes, the special delicacies his grandma would make for him as a little boy in Macedonia. He’s talked of them often but we’d never prepared them.
I listened as he recalled the process of preparing these pastries, his eyes lighting up showing me a glimpse…

A Harvest of the Heart

I will always remember the first time I entered Aunt Susie’s house. It was a lived in farmhouse and perhaps not outstanding in any way. Yet, there, I saw the truth. Every cabinet, every wall, every free space was plastered with papers or index cards with scripture on them. The way they differed in appearance, some weathered and worn and some new and crisp, one knew that she was constantly filling herself with the Word. It wasn’t just a “one and done” thing. No, it was a constant thing.