Godwinks & Favorite Moments

I like playing a game with my kids called “Favorite Moment”. It’s about as straightforward as it sounds: list a favorite moment in your day and reflect on all that is good. We especially like to play this right before bed, causing us to think about good things as we drift into sleep. We’ve done this since the kids were little and is one of our traditions each night. Just recently, our game morphed into a slightly different question. I guess the best of games grow with us, don’t they? Instead of “Favorite Moment” we find ourselves asking each other, “How did you see God’s love today?” Or even better yet, “How did you share God’s love today”? 

One of the major “Favorite Moments” God showed me His love this fall was a couple weeks ago. Last minute, my dear friend, Susie, came for a visit to Colorado. She’s never been this far out west and we have never met in person. God brought her into my life: the friend my heart knew I needed. We exchanged letters five years ago this fall through our love for a Hallmark show, “When Calls the Heart”. Before we knew it, we were chatting on Facebook, calling each other, and finding we had so much more in common than just a love for the show. Of course, we have always wanted to meet in person but it has always been something we have trusted to God. Several times we made our plans, but things changed it or situations happened, but we knew when we would finally meet face to face it was going to be God who worked the details out. And here she came! I am a planner (and she is too) so it was just funny when the opportunity arose and seriously it was only a week or two before she was setting foot in the Mile High City. It all happened so fast and was all God. 

Here are a few of our pictures (thank you, Susie!).

It was amazing how this weekend was ordained by God— all the way from the weather (the fall can often be brutally shortened by a winter storm here, but this fall— graceful!) to other “Godwinks” God supplied for her time here (a cabin rental available last minute, beautiful colors, help for her camera, a family gathering to meet everyone, church family, the list goes on and on). God knew we needed this special visit, the break from normal life, the encouragement, the beauty. He’s sure good at letting us know we are loved by Him! 

And I’m not His only favorite 😉… He wants to show you His love, too! I encourage you, whether it is a big thing like my friend’s visit, or a small thing like fall’s beauty, a friend’s call, a verse spoken at church… I encourage you to see them as the Godwinks that they are… God showing His love to you. It is not just a coincidence. It is not just a “nice” thing that happens. Each and every act that makes your eyes light up and your heart soar… your Heavenly Father is the author of that.

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”

James 1:17

It’s amazing when a friend shows love towards you- a coffee meetup, a walk and talk in the midst of a busy day, a note or a small gift that shows they have been thinking of you. But imagine, God, the Creator of the World taking time to show His love to us? In the biggest action known to mankind, He sent His Son to save us.

“Here is how God showed His love for us, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8

Can you imagine the love it took for our God to send His own Son to die for us, even before we knew Him? Even though He knew some of us would reject Him or walk away? Extreme love right there, I tell you. 

Let’s make the choice this week to purposefully observe, with our spiritual eyes, the things that God blesses our lives with. It can be even the smallest of things! My mom was so blessed by God’s showing of love towards her through the small gift of an avocado! Ha ha! It’s amazing how even in the smallest of things, God shows His love for us. He knows our hearts desires, or even just the smallest of thoughts we have (like my mom’s thought of how good an avocado with lunch would be) and He shows us His love through the biggest and the smallest of things. What a sweet Savior we have. 

My prayer for you: God, may you help each of us see the special ways you sprinkle your love into our lives daily: through a friendship, beauty in nature, a Bible verse, a special show of your favor in an intimate way only you could know. Help us to enjoy these “Favorite Moments” knowing they come from you. You’re so good at showing us love, time and time again. Thank you for all the Godwinks you give us, all the small and big blessings alike. Open our eyes to realize the small ways you show us each day you are here and you love us, and in turn share that love with others. Thank you for your loving presence in our lives! Amen. 

Until next time, 

PS. I encourage you to start this “Favorite Moment” tradition yourself, with a friend, or family member. It’s amazing how even just a small little game like this can help us see that God shows His love for us each day! I love how this tradition causes us to look for the good in the day and acknowledge how God was there for us. I like to think that when we do this it is one of God’s “Favorite Moments”. 😉 

Here’s some of our puppy’s “Favorite Moments” so far this fall. 😆

One thought on “Godwinks & Favorite Moments

  1. Thanks Melanie for your encouraging stories and sharing your heart and family with us. Love the pictures you to your posts as well!


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