Falling into New Beginnings

Pumpkin Pie. Chai lattes. Fuzzy sweaters and falling leaves in rustic shades of orange, burgundy, and yellow. It’s nearing the official start to fall, and some of us are screaming at the top of our lungs with excitement while others are sighing with resignation. It depends on the day, but lately I have been falling into the latter of the two. If I could just 






Our freak snowstorm a week ago sort of hindered any thoughts of a long Indian summer. Sure, we are back to eighty degree weather, and the trees have yet to lose their leaves (that’s a good thing considering often they fall in one fell swoop after a snow), but the cucumber vines and the squash plants… they have turned into that palish green color. The lawn too. Not such a dark, healthy green… but more of a fading into fall green. Even the sky has dulled slightly too– The bright blue of the summer now seems to bend to the light airy blue of fall time. Nothing is wrong with all of this per se (you fall lovers may still think I’m crazy!) but something in the season signals a shifting from days full of light and life into a time that is… well, less full of life. I’d find this discouraging… overwhelming in fact, as I watched my garden freeze under the first frost and the harvest slow considerably. That was until a whisper came on the light fall wind… 

Fall is actually a new beginning.”

It’s funny that in all my years of living here, I have never thought to phrase it that way, but it truly is. Here’s just a few examples of these new beginnings: 

*School starting: The kids begin new grades with new teachers, new friends, new backpacks and new school supplies on their desks. 

*Sports: In both baseball and football a brand new chance is offered. MLB-  although it is almost through, with it comes a brand new chance in October for reaching the World Series. Teams that haven’t made it hold their breath in wonder… could it actually be their year? And the NFL- your team has a brand new chance to start out their season right!

*Fashion: It seems as if there are always new cozy sweaters, patterns, boots, scarves galore for this season. It’s a chance for a new wardrobe (and an excuse to get those boots that are on sale!)

* Coffee Drinks: It seems as if every fall there is a new fall line up of drinks. Pumpkin spice, creme brûlée, a cloud macchiato, anyone? (what is that anyway? I’m sure it is delicious!) But again, a wonderful new chance to change or vary up your palate even in the coffee industry!

*Babies! I know that I have several friends welcoming new babies this fall and nothing could be more exciting! I was born in the fall as was my little sister, niece and nephew. What a glorious time for something new to begin, best of all, a life. 

This season, although it is beautiful, it can honestly be quite a hard season for me. I hate falling away from the long days of summer, baseball, gardening and no school. I love having my kids around me without any homework involved. So fall can be tough, but I have challenged myself to see fall this year as a new beginning, not an ending. 

Here is one quote I found and posted on my facebook wall awhile ago: 

“She saw every ending as a beginning”


I love that. Because yes, fall is an ending. An ending to the wonderful long days of summer. An ending to the carefree afternoons at the pool. An ending to staying up late past bedtime and hearing the crickets chirp. An ending to so many things I love and live for. But… the good news is it is a season of a new beginning as well. For there cannot be an ending without a new beginning right on its tail. 

So may this season of fall, this new beginning of sorts, be one that you run into with arms wide open. May we embrace the new adventures and challenges that come. May we not squirm away when things change or get uncomfortable but may we embrace it, knowing that God had the last season in his hand and he surely has this season too. 

(I cringe as I write this blog post because often I will make bold statements encouraging others in my blog only to be met with the challenge to live it out myself within the next day, week, or sometimes even hours!) 

But truly, God, would you take us all in your arms… hold us tight, steady, fast, during this time of transition. Whatever that may entail for each one of us. 

Whisper to us. We are waiting. Tell us once again… we belong to you. 

Here comes your gentle whisper now…“You are mine,” you say. 

I feel that truth reverberate all the way to my toes. 

I am yours. Your daughter, No matter where I walk or what I do, I am yours. That is a mighty safe spot to be. 

In that spot, I can confidently look at any change that comes and know without a doubt that somehow, someway God works it out. 

I can look at challenges that arise and not be fearful, because I know you are the God who holds my hand. 

I can look at the times to come, I can face the thoughts of tomorrow— because you are the faithful God. 

And even when the green, the newness falls away… I can know that there are new beginnings with you, God.

May it be true for you, too, dear friend. 

He is whispering to you now, “You are mine.” 

And there is no safer spot to be. 

May you find that in every ending, every change… there is a new beginning, 

And God is right there with you. Holding all your days. 

Until next time, 

PS. The fall scenery pictures above are from last year’s wonderful fall drive through Guanella Pass here in Colorado. I hope you get to enjoy the fall colors this year!

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