To all my “Rosemary Chronicles” Readers

Dear Readers, 

Can I tell you something? You are my muse, my inspiration. I never imagined when I started “The Rosemary Chronicles” that the story would grow this big, last this long, or reach this many readers. I feel very humbled and blessed that it has meant something to someone.  

To be honest with you, I miss the characters, the world of the story, the situations and dilemmas they faced every day. I loved writing my heart out and editing later, sometimes coming up with some very crazy and hilarious situations. I miss posting to you, dear readers, the my weekly chapter of “The Rosemary Chronicles”. I miss it, yet I also know it is time to move on. I wish I could announce here with great flourish what the next project will be. I know many of you have wanted me to continue Rosemary’s story… perhaps I will some day I will but for now, something else stirs in my soul, begging to be written. I stare at the screen, trying to summon the words to come… yet it is not quite time. I will continue to write, continue to pray and thank God for the next story He has for me to share, but in the mean time, know that I am thankful for you and will be over the moon excited to share the next story of my heart with you. 

I will post here as my new writing unfolds.

Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful journey. 


original link to “The Rosemary Chronicles”

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